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VIP Entertainment Inc is on LinkedIn booking Boston Strippers since 1992. Although there are other Boston stripper agencies around just as long, none of them feature real girls on their site, nor show you the actual girls via text message. Who wants to see a headless body in a text when booking Boston strippers?

VIP Strippers is hiring the best strippers in Boston

VIP was in Hustler Magazine, an article on throwing the best bachelor party. It was on Nantucket. I sent 3 girls.
Hustler June 2010

Hustler Mag article Boston Strippers

First page of the article,  VIP Strippers

Hold on I have a couple of more pics. It was a wild evening, the girls crashed on the island with my driver. The flew over to Nantucket in a puddle jumper, beats taking a ferry. The party was in 2010, 1 of the girls is currently dancing in Oregon, the other do are not dancing.

Scott Fayner and the strippers

Scott with the girls, before heading to the airport.

The driver had car troubles on the way to meeting Tony and Scott, I had to pick up the 3 strippers and my driver and drop them off to the limo. The limo then took them to whatever airfield that flies over to Nantucket.  This pic was Scott and the girls before getting the limo.

blurb from Hustler mag

blurb from Hustler mag on VIP Strippers providing the dancers for the bachelor party

I have one copy of the mag.  If you need Boston strippers for your party, call 800-446-8847